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Video and animation are a way of telling things, which rarely need to be explained more. In a few seconds, the moods can be captured with different angles, tones, texts and soundscapes. This is an art form of its own!
End of training! A combination of image and effect. Adobe After Effects 2021.
The assignment for the exercise was the machine and its user manual. This is how the Stella Talea star machine with instructions for use was born. Adobe After Effects. Ikata 2021.

Work in progress____

A small video description made of a few reels taken from a windy autumn ship trip, its sounds, a small line animation, and a familiar topic of how there can be another world under the stormy surface. Adobe Premiere and After Effects 2024.
Gradients with music! Adobe Premiere, After Effects ja GarageBand 2022.
Love Boat. Adobe Illustrator ja After Effects 2022.
Graphic stuff! Adobe After Effects 2022.
The Escape -video was born from the collaboration of four students, which was a structure of story, acting, filming, and finally everyone edited the footage to their own end result. The main actress is Jenni. Ikata 2021.
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