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Photos and image processing. I own an old Nikon 3000 D system camera, which is great for many purposes. However, the accompanying iPhone or padi today produce such high-quality footage that they have already become the main filming tools.
Image processing in the software Photoshop and Lightroom and others, not to mention AI, are already so incomparable that this world will not remain without good image material. And finally, as we know, in all this it is a question of the hand that uses these tools and the eye that looks through the lens.
So what are good pictures made of?
Old style me! Iphone, Adobe Photoshop 2020.
Veden allabright_edited.jpg
Last breath of cone!
Nikon 3000D, Adobe Lightroom Classic 2022.
Pinnan alla! Iphone, Adobe Photoshop 2022.
Backyard roses as a mystery!
Nikon 3000D, Adobe Photoshop 2023.
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